HCL BPO: Calling New Customers

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Vijay Reddy, HCL BPO

HCL BPO is operates in three countries-India, Northern Ireland and Malaysia-through

its nine delivery centers accommodating a capacity of around 6,900 seats. Not a

mean feat to achieve in four years of its operations. The company has been

dependent on a highly available, scalable and secure environment, made available

by its IT setup, to drive customer satisfaction and its success story. IT has

emerged the key enabler, considering the inherent nature of its business.

Each of its delivery centers serves a specific customer or a group of

customers. One of the biggest challenges for the company is meeting the diverse

needs of its customers. Therefore, the technology solutions deployed in the

delivery centers are focused on meeting the diverse customer requirements. While

the customer-centric infrastructure is customized, the operation-specific

requirements have been centralized.


In terms of applications, the focus is on applications with operational

relevance. These include applications like Blue Pumpkin Work force Management

tool, Genesys call routing solution, Network monitoring tools, and MIS tools.

Deployed across the organization, these tools are instrumental in providing

relevant information to the employees online and on time.

The Work Force Management tool constitutes Blue Pumpkin Director Enterprise

and Blue Pumpkin Activity Manager. The Director Enterprise integrates with ACD

for direct data capture and helps in forecasting calls in time intervals,

assigning weightage to weeks of history, forecasting shrinkage and scheduling

the workforce. It also helps in define the organization hierarchies, business

rules for work assigned, team offs, weekly offs, breaks, etc.



IT helps forecast calls in time intervals and schedule the work force

- Real time monitoring of agents by supervisors

- Corporate wide intranet, I-assist, for employee communication


MPLS backbone

- Bandwidth Consolidation

- Network management tools deployment

To distribute calls between centers the Genesys call routing solution has

been deployed. All the basic operational information is available to the key

decision makers through the Operations Information System. This assists in both

the short-term and long- term decision-making exercise. The system gives the

senior management quick update on operations and the consequent effect on

monthly and annual plans. The Universal Rating for Employees assessment and

the KRAs (UREKA) application takes care of Online Resources Management,

Performance Management and Attendance Monitoring & Roster.

The future roadmap includes not only strengthening the robustness but also

inducing more flexibility into its IT set-up. Its specific focus areas include

MPLS backbone, bandwidth consolidation and convergence of voice and data, aimed

at shortening migration timelines, increasing the flexibility of the network and

optimizing network performance.