Has Cloud Computing delivered on its promise?

Cloud technologies have taken the IT world by storm and have shown the route to seemingly impossible opportunities. On the way, while cloud may have kept some of its promises and faltered on some, organizations need to do a reality check of their own expectations and chart the way ahead

With its promises of agility and cost effective IT to deliver transformational business impact, cloud computing has brought a revolution in the way IT has been consumed traditionally. It has driven mindset changes, redefined strategies, and rewritten organizational success mantras. In fact, cloud has now become the key ingredient to thrive in this digital world and is regarded as a critical enabler in driving business innovations.
But, when we look back from where it all started and think of how far we have come, the question that emerges is whether cloud has really delivered on all of its promises. Why the enterprise cloud journey despite having started, hasn’t really picked up speed and still remains a slow and steady one?
It is well-evident that cloud computing no longer remains a buzzword, and is now even part of strategic boardroom discussions. Organizations are realizing the immense potential of cloud. According to 2015 EY IT Trends and Investments survey, 57% respondents agreed that they are reaping benefits of investments made in cloud-based technologies. The flexibility to scale up and down as per fast changing business needs is one of the major drivers for the growing interest in cloud. Much to the relief of the IT department, it has freed IT from the routine firefighting role and has empowered it to enable real-time decision making and contribute to larger business goals.

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