Quantum skills

Hail Quantum computing. How do you upskill a nation for the same?

Global interest in Quantum has exploded in recent years as the technology is poised to answer some of the world’s complex problems. The announcement of the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications, has also acted as a catalyst for the surge in interest in India. Therefore, it is the right time to make the technology ubiquitous and accessible to a diverse audience.

IBM’s Quantum Ambassador, L V Subramaniam, who is also a Senior Manager for AI Science at IBM Research India, talks about the need for Quantum skilling and the methodology involved in undertaking an essential task of this sort.


Scaling a global community is key to advancing quantum computing for science and business. In fact, introducing students to quantum computing earlier in their academic careers is an opportunity to capture interest in the subject and provides a pathway to Quantum careers of the future.

Subramaniam touches upon the Qiskit advocacy and participation. He talks about the accessibility og skills for Quantum computing and expanding the Quantum network in India. Subramaniam also addresses the role of academia in building skills for DeepTech and how the industry-academia gap can be bridged.

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