Hackers have become money-driven

How has the mindset of a hacker changed in the last few years?
In the 80s, when we used to play with computers, it was merely out of
interest. But today, or in the last couple of years, people have figured out
that you can make a lot more money. Hackers have changed from being time-driven
a few years back, to being money-driven today.

Many companies have banned Orkut and Facebook in their offices. Is that
because of loss of productivity or more of security aspects like information
User 2.0 is very well connected. The earlier perspective that I would lock
everything down and prevent anything from happening has changed. Today, I have
to open most of my applications so that my employees can do my work and also get
on with their lives. And, at the same time, make sure that I am not introducing
risks while managing the data. At Websense we looked at this and identified that
there were three critical components. The main component is the Web, where most
applications work whether its business or applications or social networks.
Second is email security and third is data security.

What about the phishing attacks that Websense has found out lately?
If you look at phishing or email security, we have the best capability of
identifying compromised websites. We are also identifying areas of concern.

Prasad Ramasubramanian/CyberMedia News

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