greet them electronically this time!!

a d-i-y-card

To send an e-card, click on the
“send” icon; select a card you like; type your note; submit a destination email
address, and zap it off.

Every card sent (during periods that the
site has an advertising sponsor) results in a donation to the World Wildlife Fund.

destination for all the card-makers like me. A site, which I happened to come across while
helping somebody else access her e-card. While she may not have been exactly floored upon
receiving that “electronic card”, I chanced upon a site where I could unleash
all my creativity and imagination. Those who’ve already visited the site must be wondering
“what creativity”, “what imagination”-it’s pure mix-n-match formula,
and lo and behold there your ‘creativity’ is flashing on the screen.

a step-by-step approach to
making e-cards

Step I:
Click on one of the categories: New; Quick Pick;
Fauna; Flora; Regions; People; Places; Art; Write-ups; Animations; Occasions. (An
interesting feature here is V-Card, which means you can send ‘almost-live’ video postcards
Select a picture and click on it.

Step II:
Choose a card heading or type your own (you can
even say ‘Hello’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ in a foreign language)
Choose a background color
Write a note-the main text body (you may include
HTML code in your note)
Give your email address
Type in recipient(s)’ name(s) (comma separate
multiple names)
Enter the recipient(s)’ email address (es)
Click on the ‘build and preview’ button

Step III:
Here’s your hard work: send it if you like it.

In simple language, it’s a site where you
can make cards-the electronic way. Called “postcards of the Internet”, these
e-cards can be sent to anyone with Web access and an email account. Plus, every e-card
contributes to the World Wildlife Fund-the easiest way to save your favorite endangered
species (unfortunately, humans are not part of WWF mandate).

Now besides being a part of the
quintessential copy desk, I have a part-time occupation of making cards for all and
sundry. In fact, I’ve got everybody hooked onto the site-including the boss (now you know,
who’s to be blamed for the heavier-than-heavy traffic on!!).

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