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New Update

Oh! its going to have 15 levels, a

sewage treatment plant, state of art

robotic technology, natural light and roof top thermal insulation. And

this is no five star hotel or a suave office complex. It is a green

parking lot, Delhi's first, that is coming up on KG Marg in our very

own CP. Its another thing that it will also “host”

an office complex

within its 15 level circumference.

What sets this one apart is that it reeks of green. From glazed windows
to rain water harvesting, from natural light to eco-friendly bulbs and

tubes, nothing has been left out to paint this parking lot green. The

parking lot is coming up on an area of 66,941 square feet, on a

triangular plot located behind Kasturba Gandhi Marg. It will have 15

levels — 12 overground and 3 basements all of which will have


lots. The same plot will also house a commercial complex with several

levels of office space.

Even the construction is happening with green gloves on hands. There
will be maximum use of fly ash instead of cement and concrete, very

limited use of wood and rare use of timber. The complex will also be

home to around 250 trees, spaces for which have been allocated in the

design itself.

And as always, technology has a big role to play in making this world
greener. All the manual functions like moving of cars and allotting

tickets, time mapping and slot directions will be managed by computers

with minimum possible human interface. All one will have to do is drive

into the garage, pull the hand brakes up, lock the car and move out.

The rest will be handled by a centralized computer and the car will

automatically be moved to an empty slot using specially designed

travelators and lifts.

While this news gives a lot of daily and “self
propelled” commuters

reason enough to heave a sigh of relief, it is also sure to make the

green brigade smile. For now, lets hope that unlike most of the

construction projects in this country, this one is flagged of in time

and moreover, executed smoothly and honestly!