Green Jobs in India Are on the Rise: Top Job Roles in Demand

Green jobs in India have gained significant attention and importance in recent years as the country seeks to address environmental challenges

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Green jobs in India are all set to rise by 15 to 20 percent, an NLB study has found. This demand is being driven by India's aim to achieve net zero by 2070. Sachin Alug, CEO of NLB Services stated that over the last 3 years, India has witnessed an unprecedented growth in demand for green jobs as organizations are working toward becoming more ESG compliant. If reports and studies are to be believed, India can generate 30-32 million green jobs by 2050.


Why Is there a Rise in Green Jobs in India?

The Government of India of late has been focusing on investing in indigenous technologies and manufacturing skills for climate and resource conservation. This in turn has impacted the hiring practices with a changed focus on hiring professionals in green jobs in the country, the study has found. Moreover, with companies becoming proactive in acknowledging their ESG agenda, their need to attract relevant top talent is also increasing. They understand the value that these professionals can create and thus, are inclined towards offering competitive compensation packages along with enticing perks and benefits.

Top Green Jobs in India that are in Demand


Some of the jobs in India that are in demand are as follows:

Name of job role Skills required
Sustainability manager Environmental science and policy knowledge, economics and finance skills, and analytical thinking skills
Social impact manager Stakeholder engagement, program management, and relationship management
ESG analyst Sustainability reporting, ESG strategy and framework knowledge, quantitative skills, asset management and financial markets understanding
Governance and compliance specialist Corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and risk management
Renewable energy expert Understanding of renewable energy technologies, policy advocacy, and market analysis
Climate change adaptation planner Climate change analysis, data modeling, and understanding of environmental science
Green supply chain manager Supply chain management, sustainability, logistics

Top Sectors Hiring for Green Jobs in India

Some of the sectors hiring for the job roles are as follows:

  • Renewable energy.
  • IT and technology.
  • FMCG.
  • BFSI.
  • Clean transport and EV.
  • Healthcare.