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Great Learning Offers Free Career Counselling to Learners in Areas like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Great Learning aims to help people in domains such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and so on by assisting them in decision making

Great Learning announced that it has brought together a team of renowned domain experts to offer free career counselling to students and professionals, enabling them to make better, informed career decisions. The sessions would be conducted by domain experts; from mid managers to CXOs who would provide counselling for careers in the fields of analytics, data science, product management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, cybersecurity and general management.

To avail free counselling, people can nominate themselves between 9 and 14 November, by booking a slot through the links shared on the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages of Great Learning. The counselling sessions will be conducted through the month of November as per the mentor and mentee’s availability.

The industry witnessed massive layoffs by various organizations during the lockdown; however, having found a way to work around the new normal and businesses gradually going back on track, these organizations have started hiring again. To make the most of this opportunity and land better jobs, it is imperative for people to know the options they have available, identify a skill gap if any to ensure a successful career transition.

Aparna Mahesh, chief marketing officer, Great Learning said “People often have doubts about their  career choices and  decisions at various stages of their journey. Today, Covid has made people across industries want to understand much more about future proof career options. Through this initiative, we are making efforts to assist people in making the right choices for the new normal world that can help in accelerating their career growth. Through the knowledge and industry experience of our key counsellors if we would be able to power individuals by providing them the right direction, we would be contributing  in a small way to their new beginnings.”

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