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Great Learning to Host Free Webinar on Data Science for Beginners: Here’s How to Apply

Great Learning is hosting a free online webinar on Data Science for Beginners, for students and professionals who hope to have a career in data science

Great Learning will host a free webinar on Data Science for beginners on 24 February 2021, which is a Friday. The one-hour long live session can be attended by anyone who hopes to kickstart a career in data science. The live session on “Data Science for beginners” by Anirudh Rao, Expert of Python, machine learning and data analysis will talk about various aspects of Data Science, including its significance in the coming years, components that fit into the ecosystem of Data Science and its architecture which denotes its working.

The speakers has worked on various projects in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks as well. The instructor will further breakdown the concepts down into bite-sized pieces along with giving the attendees a sense of direction that they can consider when beginning to chalk out a career path in this domain. The participants will also get to understand the various Data Science job roles along with the observed salary trends.

“Since Data Science is a huge domain, it becomes very important that you understand how you can begin and eventually land a good job. There are multiple ways you can begin with Data Science but there is a good chance that you might get confused when you begin, tending to which the instructor breaks the concepts down into bite-sized pieces along with giving you a sense of direction that you can consider when beginning to learn this fantastic domain,” says the official website.

The event will begin from 12 pm onwards on 24 February 2021 on Great Learning Academy, which is an initiative taken by Great Learning to provide free online courses in various domains, enables professionals and students to learn the most in-demand skills to help them achieve career success.

How to Apply for Great Learning Free webinar on Data Science for Beginners

To register, interested participants would be required to visit the official website, and click on the Register Now button. Participants may either sign up with the Great Learning Academy website or sign in using their Google accounts.

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  1. Harshit Sethi

    It’s actually a great initiative by you guys! It’s very important to let the beginners know how exactly to start their data science journey, as most of them don’t have a clear cut guidance on how exactly to pave their path and progress in their data science and analytics journey. Congratulations for this awesome opportunity, and looking forward to more such learnings!

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