Great Going

Sustaining its performance for the fourth year in a row, vCustomers scores in most of the parameters were in the late nineties. For those who are wondering that how this company was able to consistently perform on a range of employee satisfaction parameters? The answer can be found in its ability to retain employees in different ways.
The company attributes its high scores to its employee focused policies. For reaching employees, vCustomer has put in place a three-pronged approach. For proactive agent management, it has created an employee relationship team that engages with employees regarding a gamut of issues ranging from food and transportation to professional development. This has connected well with employees who have leveraged it to drive across their issues or point of view better to their supervisors. While the employee relations team took care of agents, at supervisory roles, vCustomer created organizational development teams to empower supervisors. Finally, internal communication teams took care of HR related communications and conveyed them across effectively to the employees.
Given this employee management backdrop, the scores reflected that too. On two critical parameters, the company has achieved a perfect 100appraisal system and open to ideas. The company attributes the high scores in appraisal system to its in-house performance management system that creates precise performance metrics for the employees.
Training and compensation meanwhile got little lower scores. On the compensation front, vCustomer provides retention bonuses apart from the fixed component. The company says that it has pro-active training initiatives and is constantly striving to increase its bar. Meanwhile, one area that needs more communication with employees is the top managements role in companys growth. In all, it was an all-round performance by vCustomer and it has achieved impressive employee satisfaction scores on all parameters.

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