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Government of Rajasthan and SAS to Offer Courses on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Government of Rajasthan announced a partnership with SAS for its initiative of Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology

The Government of Rajasthan has partnered with SAS India to launch its ambitious initiative of setting up the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology (RCAT). This initiative will help youth job seekers in an increasingly digitalised economy that emphasises new age tech skills like Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, said an official statement.

Government of Rajasthan recently announced an investment of Rs 200 crore to set up Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology and this program is part of the state’s amplified focus on training and skill development of youth in advanced technologies. The program aims to make them future ready with the required digital skills for jobs available across public and private sectors.

Sandesh Nayak, Commissioner and Joint Secretary, Department of IT & Communications, Government of Rajasthan said: “It is crucial for us to understand the fact that today’s youth need to be empowered with new age technological skills to thrive in the world that is dominated by digital disruption and transformation. Our aim of setting up Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology is to overcome barriers for skilling youth and enable their participation in modern digitally enabled workforce and raise the scope of their employability and to this end we are pleased to collaborate with SAS.”

Analytics is one of the key components across most government initiatives today. These initiatives have a stringent requirement of qualified and trained analytics personnel (experts) to execute on them. Government of Rajasthan has also been an active user of SAS applications across various programmes.

As part of the program, the centre will organize training programs of various durations, ranging from 1 to 6 months, in a classroom environment for professional graduates from various fields including BSc, BTech, BCA, MCA, MBA, or MSc (IT). The course will integrate SAS curriculum and enable access for registered youth jobseekers as well as those currently employed in the government sector.

Sean O’Brien, vice president, education and training, SAS said: “The nature of work is changing.  The digital economy and analytical skills are the currency of the future.  We, as leaders in the analytics economy, have an interest and responsibility in helping society make a successful transition to this new economy.  That’s why we are delighted to collaborate with the Government of Rajasthan to empower youth with today’s digital and analytics skills.”

The official website provides more information on the first batch of course training for students at Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology, which will commence by 15 July 2022 with registrations through the RCAT online portal. 

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