Government Blocks Over 100 Fraud Websites Exploiting Job Offers

The Indian government has blocked over 100 websites involved in illegal investments and deceptive part-time job offers.

Punam Singh
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The Indian government has made a significant move against organized cybercrime by blocking over 100 fraud websites involved in fraudulent schemes related to illegal investments and deceptive part-time job offers. The Union Home Ministry, acting on a recommendation from the Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C) identified these websites as conduits for economic crimes and illicit activities. Notably, these platforms were found to be operated by overseas entities.


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has exercised its authority under the Information Technology Act, of 2000 to block these identified websites, as stated in an official announcement. The crackdown has come in as a response to the growing threat of organized frauds that exploit unsuspecting individuals searching for remote job opportunities.

These job fraud activities primarily targeted individuals seeking part-time jobs, including retired employees, women, and unemployed youth. The perpetrators employed these targeted digital advertisements on platforms like Google and Meta, using keywords such as “Ghar baithe job” and “Ghar baidhe kamai kaise Karen” in multiple languages. These deceptive advertisements were strategically designed to lure potential victims.

The I4C’s National Cybercrime Threat Analytics Unit (NCTAU) uncovered that the website facilitating these illegal activities was operated by overseas actors. The mode of operation involved the use of digital advertising, chat messengers, and the exploitation of mule and rented accounts.  Furthermore, the proceeds from these large-scale economic frauds were traced to be laundered out of India through various channels, including card networks, cryptocurrency, overseas ATM withdrawals, and international fintech companies.

This initiative of the Home Ministry stands as a pivotal force in dealing with cybercrimes in the country. Its coordinated and comprehensive efforts are aimed at addressing the evolving challenges posed by cyber threats. The recent crackdown on these fraudulent websites reflects the government’s commitment to safeguard citizens from falling victim to online scams and ensuring the security of digital spaces.