We have got Good and Transparent Support from Crayon: Rajesh Gupta, Kiosk Technologies

Founded in 2000, KIOSK offers system integration and services in the areas of virtualization, cloud services and current technologies. In an interview with Dataquest, Rajesh Gupta, Director, Kiosk Technologies Pvt. Limited talked about his company and his experiences with Crayon Software.

Q. Tell us about your company.

A. Our company, which was founded in the year 2000 with system integration and software services as our focus, has been catering to central, eastern India, Bangladesh and parts of North India. We work in security, storage and application space. Our partners are Microsoft, Adobe, McAfee, Symantec, Trend Micro, HP, and Teamviewer. Over the years, Kiosk has emerged as a leading specialist in the areas of security, storage, application, licensing and deployment services catering to a minefield of customers across steel, power, refinery, cement, utilities, railways in government and private sectors for the past 19 years.

Q. How has your journey with Crayon been so far?

A. KIOSK and Crayon have had good wins. Though few in numbers, we have got good and transparent support to our customers from Crayon Software.

Q. How does Crayon’s solution help organizations grow?

A. It’s been a complimentary experience for us so far. Being a Kolkata-based company, we know our customers very well. Crayon with its national presence provides us the technology, support in pricing and strategy.

Q. How can customers leverage the different solutions offered by Crayon?

A. We have sat down with the solution and services offered by Crayon and we look forward to leverage the value propositions to foray into the SME sectors.

Q. Where is the maximum traction coming, from different verticals for cloud services?

A. SME is one of the biggest areas for cloud services as it is growing too fast. Also, large corporates always exist because of the growing and fastest need of data requirement.

By Ankit Parashar

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