Google’s AlphaGo Beats Ke Jie Again

Google’s AlphaGo has again defeated Chinese Go master Ke Jie for the second time.  The AI program has taken 2-0 lead in a best of three series. The victory of the best player in the world underlines the potential of AI to take on the complex tasks of human beings in near future.  Alpha Go will be facing Ke Jie once more on Saturday.

Go game is a very complicated game dating back to thousands of years ago. This is one of the most difficult game to play and till now no computer game have mastered it. But AlphaGo after beating the world’s best player for the second time makes us believe that this game can be played by a computer.

Last year AI program from Google DeepMind unit defeated South Korean Lee Sedol in a similar fashion. At that time the machine learned to play this game by analyzing millions of moves by professional Go players. Then AlphGo was made to play the game against itself and the machine got better with each game.

According to reports, the team of DeepMind redesigned the system and built the new AlphaGo without the help from human moves. They trained the machine to play the game against itself and with time the computer became better with each game.

With this victory Google parent Alphabet’s ambitions in AI arena, as it looks to woo Beijing to gain re-entry into the country. AI is becoming progressive every year. According to reports, Google wants to use these technologies in different areas like smartphones, solving real life challenges, etc.

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