Google’s AI AlphaGo Defeats World’s Best Go Player

Google’s Artificial Intelligence program ‘ AlphaGo’ has defeated the world’s best player of the ancient Chinese game ‘Go’. This is the most complicated human game present on earth today as there are infinite number of possible positions. The victory over the best player in the world underlines the potential of AI to take on the complex tasks of human beings in near future.

Google’s AlphaGo won the first of the three games this week against Ke Jie. According to reports, the computer won the game just by a half-point. AlphaGo has improved tremendously since it defeated South Korea’s top competitor last year. During the five day event, AlphaGo will be facing other top ranked Chinese players.

Go game is played by two players on a 19×19 grid board. The players choose either white or black stones. The players take turns putting white or black stones on a rectangular grid with 361 intersections. The main aim of the game is to control more territory than your opponent. The game continues until both agree there are no more places to put stones or one quits.

Computers have already mastered many games in the past but go game which was originated in China for more than a 25 centuries ago, has avoided the computers to have a mastery over the game till now.

According to reports, Google officials say that they want to use these technologies to areas such as smartphones, solving problems in real world.

Artificial Intelligence is inevitable and is becoming much progressive every year. AlphaGo forced Go players to change their strategy to play the game.

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