Google parent Alphabet to launch robotics company Intrinsic

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced it will launch a new robotics company, Intrinsic. The company will focus on building industrial robots software.

Wendy Tan-White, leading the robotics company, stated in the blog post Intrinsic will develop software tools for industrial robots that would make it easier to use, less costly and more flexible.

Alphabet’s X, Moonshot factory is known to house futuristic projects like Waymo and Verily. Intrinsic is the latest product out of X.

Tan-White mentions in the blog post, the team has been testing the software that uses techniques like automated perception, motion planning, simulation and force control. The team trained a robot in two hours to complete a USB connection task which otherwise would take hundreds of hours to program.

Discussing the future plans, Tan-White states, “After five and a half years developing our technology at X, we’re now ready to become an independent Alphabet company, leaving the moonshot factory’s rapid prototyping environment to focus on developing our product and validating our technology. We are currently looking for partners in the automotive, electronics, and health care industries who are already using industrial robotics and want to learn together.”

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