Google Offers Free Online Training and Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Check Details

Google is offering free online training and certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning in fraud detection, chatbots and other topics

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Google has invited applications from interested participants for free online training and certification in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The training is being offered by Google Cloud, and experts from the organisation will conduct the sessions. Some of the experts from Google Cloud who will be taking the sessions are Anu Srivastava, senior developer relations engineer; Lak Lakshmanan, Google cloud’s director of data analytics and AI solutions; Shingi Samudzi, data analyst consultant; and Polong Lin, developer advocate.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training that Google is Offering for Free

The free training aims at equipping participants with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning skills, and some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

Document AI: Google unveiled the new Document AI platform in November 2020. The platform transforms documents into structured data thus increasing the speed of decision-making for companies. Participants interested to learn about setting up the Document AI Platform to process sample documents in an AI Platform notebook, and use the Procurement DocAI solution to process unstructured data such as PDFs, images and handwritten forms can attend the training program on 22 April 2021.


Explainable AI: Google expert will train participants to use Explainable AI, which a set of tools and frameworks to help users understand and interpret predictions made by machine learning algorithms. While the training will be conducted on 16 April 2021, participants may also register to access the video on-demand after the event.

Looker: Google Cloud-owned Looker is a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that helps users to automate the data pipeline building process and generate deeper data insights. Participants can register to access this platform.

BigQuery ML: This platform helps users build an end-to-end solution for real-time fraud detection, as well as lets users create and execute machine learning models in BigQuery using standard SQL queries. Users can register to access the webinar explaining its use.

Dialogflow CX: This chatbot is similar to a human agent that can be trained to handle expected conversation scenarios. The free webinar on the platform will help participants learn the latest methods to build intelligent virtual agents. Those who wish to know more and undertake this training can visit the official website for details.