Google Meet unveils New Updates with New Backgrounds, Filters, and Studio Lighting

Google Meet have introduced personalized elements such as backgrounds, filters, and a unique ‘Studio Lighting’ feature.

Punam Singh
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Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet has rolled out a series of new features along with a revamped user interface. The updates have introduced personalized elements such as backgrounds, filters, and a unique ‘Studio Lighting’ feature. The redesigned interface now categories effects into three tabs

  • Background
  • Filters
  • Appearance

offering users, a more organized and intuitive experience.

The background section has undergone significant changes. Now it is organized into categories such as ‘New’, ‘360 degrees’, ‘professional’, and ‘Blur’ and ‘uploads’. This allows users to easily navigate through various options and choose the backdrop that suits their preferences.


Similarly, the ‘Filters’ section is now categorized into ‘Funny’, ‘Characters’, and ‘Accessories’ offering a diverse range of options to add a touch of creativity to video calls.

The ‘Appearance’ tab introduces color-changing options like ‘Light leak’, ‘Grayscale’, and more. It allows users to customize the visual aspect of their video feed. These options provide a dynamic and engaging element to video calls.

Google Meet has also introduced a new ‘Layer’ button with the ability to combine different backgrounds and filters. This feature allows users to toggle and quickly check which effects are currently applied providing a seamless customization experience.


One of the standout features in this update is the introduction of ‘Studio Lighting’ for the web version of Google Meet. This functionality enables users to replicate studio-like lighting. It offers adjustable options for lighting position, brightness, and color. Users can access this feature by

  • Go to ‘Apply visual effects’
  • Navigate to the ‘Appearance’ section
  • Tap on ‘Studio lighting’

It has to be noted that a processor equivalent to or more performant than Intel Corei9-9880H, Intel Core i5-1235U, AMD Ryzen 5 5500U, or Apple M1 is required to use this functionality.

For the web version, Google Meet introduces ‘Studio Sound’ a feature that utilizes AI to recreate higher audio frequencies. This enhancement improves the audio quality for Bluetooth headsets and dial-in participants. Users need to install the Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise add-on to enable this.

These updates aim to make virtual meetings on Google Meet more engaging and personalized. The addition of Studio lighting and Studio Sound features enhances the overall audiovisual experience. While the revamped interface provides users with more control and creativity during video calls. As Google continues to roll out these features, users can expect a more dynamic and enjoyable virtual meeting experience on Google Meet.