Google launches Cloud Test Lab, an automated testing service that lets developers test their Android app for any Android device

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In the fragmented Android marketplace where there are thousands of Android devices with different versions, different screen resolutions and performance, it is a challenging task for any Android developer to make sure that their app works seamlessly across all devices. For example, an Open Signal report estimates that there were over 18,000 distinct Android devices in existence in 2014.


To solve this problem, Google has launched the 'Cloud Test Lab', an Android app testing service that is available from the Play Store developer console. Android app developers have to submit their app to the developer console staging channel, and Google will automatically test your app on the top 20 Android devices.

Google announced that developers could run all of your tests across all devices, all at the same time, giving developers access to massively parallel testing, and deep and scaled insights.

If the app crashes for any reason, the developers will get a video of the app before the crash and a detailed log report. Google said that without any user-written tests, robot app crawlers will know just what to look out for and will find crashes in the app.

You can sign up for updates for the Cloud Test lab here

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