Google Introduces Remote App Uninstallation Feature for Android Users

Google in its recent update has empowered Android users the ‘Remote App Uninstallation’ feature to uninstall apps remotely from devices.

Punam Singh
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Remote App Uninstallation

Remote App Uninstallation

Google in its recent update has empowered Android users with a new capability to remotely uninstall apps from linked Android devices. The feature is termed the ‘Remote App Uninstallation’ that is aimed at simplifying app management across various Android devices. It offers users with greater control and convenience within their devices or app ecosystem.


As per Google’s System Updates changelog, the feature is integrated into Play Store version 38.3. It grants users the capability to uninstall apps remotely on other Android devices linked to the same Google ID. This feature is designed to streamline app management across diverse Android platforms including Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear.

How does this feature work?

Here, users need to update to Play Store version 38.8. Then navigate to the ‘Manage Apps’ section in the Play Store to activate the remote uninstallation option.


Once enabled, users can view apps installed on different Android devices than the one currently in use. The process involves selecting apps through checkboxes and initiating the uninstallation option.

What are the other benefits of the feature?

 The specifies of the feature haven’t been extensively shared by Google but a report by TheSpAndroid suggests that a sorting mechanism is integrated in it allowing users to organize the list of apps on other devices by storage usage. This proves to be a practical means of efficient app management, particularly on devices with limited storage, such as Google TV.


The benefits of the Remote App Uninstallation feature are substantial. Once it is available, it promises cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a seamless user experience across Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear. Users will gain the ability to uninstall apps remotely, enhance control, and simplify processes across multiple devices. The option to sort apps on other devices by storage usage might become a valuable tool for optimizing space, particularly beneficial for devices with limited storage capacity, such as Google TV.


It is worth noting that Play Store 38.8 is not universally available yet, with no official word on when the feature will be accessible to all users. However, its rollout is anticipated soon.

In addition to this new feature, Google is also rolling out updates for Google Play services (v23.49) and the Google Play Store (v38.8). These updates encompass improvements in battery life, device performance, and network usage, showcasing Google’s commitment to enhancing user experience and overall system management.