Google Introduces Generative AI Search Experience in India

Google remains dedicated to directing valuable traffic to web content as generative AI becomes an integral part of the search ecosystem

New Update

Google is unveiling a new dimension in the search experience for Indian users with the introduction of the Search Generative Experience (SGE). Commencing henceforth, this feature will be accessible through an opt-in experiment within Search Labs. Available in both English and Hindi, the SGE offers an innovative blend of AI-powered capabilities and India-focused functionalities.


Following its previous endeavors to enhance the search process, Google is launching the Search Generative Experience. Users now have the opportunity to engage with an AI-powered search enhancement, designed to provide more comprehensive and intuitive results.

Diverse Features Tailored to India

Google has prioritized the Indian audience by integrating features catered specifically to their needs. Users can toggle between English and Hindi search results seamlessly, making it a user-friendly experience for bilingual users. The introduction of a 'Listen' button for Text-To-Speech functionality further contributes to accessibility. Additionally, Google is planning to roll out a feature that permits users to ask follow-up questions verbally, enhancing the interactive nature of the search process.


Puneesh Kumar, General Manager of Google Search in India, emphasized the pivotal role of generative AI in revolutionizing the search landscape. "We’re envisioning a supercharged Search that does the heavy lifting for you so you’ll be able to understand a topic faster, uncover new viewpoints and insights, and get things done more easily," Kumar stated. The Search Generative Experience is seen as the initial step towards a more empowering and responsive search engine.

Streamlined Information Retrieval

The implementation of generative AI brings forth an AI-powered overview of key information, equipped with embedded links for deeper exploration. This advancement is particularly beneficial for new internet users who often find themselves overwhelmed by the vast volume of online information. For instance, the query "Which is a good beginner trek in Himachal and how to prepare for it?" showcases how generative AI can streamline complex inquiries.


Intuitive Exploration

The SGE introduces a conversational mode that encourages users to engage more intuitively with the search process. Users are presented with suggested follow-up queries and next steps, allowing for a seamless continuation of their exploration. Contextual continuity between queries further enriches the user's search journey.

Diversified Voices and Sources


In line with the commitment to delivering comprehensive insights, Google's SGE highlights content from various sources on the web. This encourages users to delve deeper into the topics they are exploring. Google remains dedicated to directing valuable traffic to web content as generative AI becomes an integral part of the search ecosystem.

Transparent Advertising Integration

Search ads, crucial to the functioning of the web, remain an integral component within the new generative experience. Google ensures transparency by clearly distinguishing ads from organic search results through clear and bold "Sponsored" labels.