Going Gaga over ILM

The storage market is going to see the next phase of revolution in the form
of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)–solutions for managing and storing
data. With players like HDS, EMC and StorageTek already out with the strategies
and products to drive the market, HP and Sun are yet to refresh their ILM
offerings. HDS is sharpening its focus on enabling customers to consolidate its
data centers, with the goal of stealing high-end market share from EMC. The
company recently unveiled an ILM strategy wherein it has upgraded its products,
at a time when its competitor EMC is enjoying an upsurge in sales with its
modular mid-range products due in part to its reseller relationship with Dell.

HDS has explained its ILM strategy, something that competitors EMC and HP did
in the last few months. Like them, HDS promises multi-tiered architecture and an
understanding that not all data is the same. EMC’s ILM strategy also got a
shot in the arm with the recent acquisition of Legato, already a strong player
in ILM space. HDS may need to pay more attention to the ILM market. HDS will be
able to compete with EMC in the ILM market by continuing to modify its
offerings. The opportunity still exists particularly since both HP and Sun are
yet to come out with their ILM roadmaps.

Customers who look to StorageTek for its industry-leading automated tape
storage solutions now have more reason to cheer. Fueled by popular demand and
packed with enhancements, its ILM product, T9840C has arrived. With the T9840C,
customers can achieve fast data access compared to competing tape-based
solutions, and at a much lower cost than disk. The aggressiveness among all the
major storage players for ILM shows good signs as far as the storage is
concerned. But an area of concern for these companies could be the adoption and
awareness of ILM especially when enterprises are little bit reluctant on
spending on storage. But if it happens, it could be the next big thing.

Rahul Gupta in Mumbai

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