Going digital initiatives should complement organization’s core competencies and enable to enhance them

—Yatin P Bhatia AVP – Technology, Aptech
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Going Digital – what does it mean to you and your organisation?  

Going Digital – it means automation on mundane processes, making more time available for intellectuals. Allowing human resources to think further towards meeting organizations goals and objectives. Enabling customers to do business with ease with us. Making relevant information available I timely manner to respective stakeholder. Going Digital initiatives should complement organization’s core competencies and enable to enhance them. It would allow seamless integration with external systems, as applicable to our business requirements. It should not increase unnecessary burden in terms of efforts as well as cost. It should leverage existing Infrastructure, human intellect to implement rather than call for overhaul of systems and procedures. It should encompass future requirements looking at current trends, Technologically and other-wise. It should ensure that heterogeneous systems co-exists without clashing with each other and enabling smooth operations.

 What is your Digital Transformation plan, strategy and the deliverables you expect or already coming in? 

We are working on two fronts for going digital viz. Customer satisfaction and Internal Stakeholder productivity improvement. Our customer base is young student crowd beaming with enthusiasm and having access to gadgets and internet. So we are designing responsive content accessible through any device any platform., keeping in mind current trends and aesthetics. We continuously keep adding features what the young crowd sees on social media sites as applicable. We are working towards getting into space of AR / VR content to provide rich learning experience to our students. We are opening up communication channels like Chatbots along with traditional email, chat, call and other channels.

Internal stakeholders needs relevant information on the go in timely and graphical and precise manner. We are in process of implementing analytical and statistical tools. Providing them with decision enabling information. Planned for next level of predictive and prescriptive analysis so that competitive business mileage can be achieved. Seamless integration with external systems with relevant BCP/DR mechanism are being rolled out so that minimum or no disruption is caused due to systems.


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