Going digital, to begin with means enhanced market outreach and lower delivery costs

—Vishwajeet Singh Head – Technology & Delivery, Aptech
Vishwajeet Singh

Going Digital- What does it mean to you and your organization?

Going digital, to begin with, means enhanced market outreach and lower delivery costs, both of which are bound to have a notable impact on our organization’s bottom line. It goes without saying that the need for quality education in the country and the world is rising sharply and the digitalization of learning assets will definitely help in addressing the demand more effectively.

Although an increasing number of organizations in the education industry are embracing digitalization, the curve is long and we aim to bridge the gap by bringing some disruption in the space through futuristic solutions. While it would be premature to furnish the details of how things will unfold, it would be safe to say that going digital will help us strengthen our foothold in the increasingly competitive education industry.

What is your digital transformation plan, strategy and the deliverable you expect or are already coming in?

The future seems brighter than ever, that’s for sure. With new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence making it to the center stage, individuals who are looking to advance their learning will greatly benefit from experiential learning. The days of the mundane curriculum are almost over, which were conceptualized to cater to the manpower requirements during the age of the industrial revolution.

The world comes a long way since then and definitely demands more progressive approaches to learning that not only prepare individuals for the changing dynamics of the business world, but also encourage them to think on the lines of higher education. We are working tirelessly to incorporate digitalization technologies into learning and the results have been clearly encouraging.

As about what the future holds, guess we’ll have to wait for the cards to unfold.

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