Godaddy launches Godaddy pro program for web developers & designers

GoDaddy Pro enables web developers and designers with easy to use, automated tools to manage and grow their small business clientele

GoDaddy announced the launch of the GoDaddy Pro Program for web developers and designers with automated tools to manage and monitor their customers’  accounts. For many small businesses in India, buying a domain name, setting up a website and selling online is perceived to be complex and something that requires ‘professional’ help, making India largely a ‘do-it-for-me’ country. Confirming this trend is a recent survey released by RedShift Research and GoDaddy, according to which at least 30 percent of the small businesses in India are looking for an Internet company to build and manage their website for them, and another 24 percent are looking for help from a professional web designer.

“As the next wave of small businesses in India prepares to come online, they will rely heavily on web designers and developers to help them create their digital presence. At GoDaddy, we are committed to helping web professionals and their customers succeed online,” said Jeff King, GoDaddy Senior Vice President Hosting. “The GoDaddy Pro Program is designed with the objective of easing the work flow for web designers and developers, and helping them build and manage their client’s websites better.”

The GoDaddy Pro Program is a one-stop shop, offering client management tools, advanced support, and other features to help web developers and designers more easily manage their client’s accounts.

“We use our GoDaddy Pro account to manage all our clients and their products. The unique Client Product Dashboard lets us monitor and keep track of all our clients and their products at a glance,” said Aalap Bharucha, Founder of Shades of Web. “The monitoring feature in the dashboard is good and effective, and is our favourite must-have feature. It gives us peace of mind to know that we will be automatically alerted if a client’s website goes down or if any other issue needs escalation.” Mr. Bharucha added, “Another feature which we find extremely useful is the customer website analytics that helps us optimize our clients’ websites for a more powerful experience – both on the mobile and on the desktop.”

The key features of The GoDaddy Pro Program include:

  • Admin Account access – Securely permits access to clients’ products without sharing passwords
  • Client Product Dashboard – View all clients and their products in one place
  • Exclusive GoDaddy Pro Discounts – Regular discounts for Pros & their customers
  • Site Monitoring – Automated email and SMS alerts when client websites have issues; View client website uptime and site speed proactively
  • Shared Shopping – Send customers pre-loaded shopping carts via email for review and/or direct purchase
  • Pro Support – A direct line to a team of highly trained technical agents and super-quick support resolution

“The launch of The GoDaddy Pro Program allows GoDaddy to build an ecosystem of web developers and designers to serve the needs of the SMB market in India, and help ensures that quality customized solutions can be provided to this diverse audience across the country,” said Rajiv Sodhi, Vice President and Managing Director at GoDaddy India and Australia.

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  1. Godaddy pro account is great. I use it sometimes for my clients. The best thing about it is the client management features which save me time and money.

  2. infotechaarav says:

    Thanks for sharing it

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