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Globus Infocom Launches Digital Lounge Solution to Serve Advanced Learning Needs

The digital content available with the solution by Globus Infocom opens a world of information to students for their study purpose

Globus Infocom launched the Digital Lounge solution for advanced learning. With the only requirement of an empty room, this solution can transform a room into a technologically and resourcefully empowered, Digital lounge serving all kind of advanced learning needs.

Established in a well-furnished infrastructure this solution features technological hardware, combined with software and Infrastructure facilities. The Hardware comprises of technologically equipped learning set up along with facilities including High grade premium workstations and chairs, Monitors with mini PC, LED lighting, Blind curtains, etc. This comprehensive advanced learning set up is supplemented with the digital content software along with the external web link resources to access extensive information and knowledge.

Benefits of Digital Lounge Solution:

  • A model learning environment combining the power of technology, infrastructure, advanced learning resources along with best suited Higher education digital content designed specifically to suit the different course modules of universities & colleges referring through various content components.
  • The only requirement to implement the solution is an Empty Room.
  • Convenience of one touch on and off.
  • Offers features like interactivity, display, unlimited web resources, annotation, Audio and Video, and many more to enhance the classroom’s efficiency and engagement.

The Digital content available with this solution opens a world of information to students for their study purpose, wherein the technological tools provide innovative ways to put forth a better conceptual understanding, which empowers the students to tackle the pressing challenges and grow holistically.

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