Ginesys One ensures cohesion via centralized product planning team: Prashant Lohia

Ginesys One has grown its platform steadily since inception and we look forward to solidifying our position and acquiring 5,000 customers.

Aanchal Ghatak
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Ginesys One is a retail management suite for brands and multi-brand retailers. Prashant Lohia, Founder and CEO of Ginesys, tells us more. Excerpts from an interview: 


DQ: What are the key management suites offered by Ginesys One?

Prashant LohiaGinesys One is a retail management suite for brands and multi-brand retailers, ranging from fashion, supermarkets to various niche segments. The Ginesys One suite includes Ginesys ERP on cloud, desktop and cloud POS, e-commerce order management system, customer relationship management and marketing for online and offline, GST app and business intelligence apps. 

The entire suite works together, seamlessly, to ensure a single view of inventory, accounts, customers, orders and much more. All of the products essentially provide different functions, but many workflows are across the apps. For the user, we have made it as transparent as possible.


DQ: How is it working with start-ups on ERP, POS, and what are the subsequent challenges?

Prashant Lohia: During our initial years, Ginesys One was centred on ERP and POS solutions. Now, we have acquired startups like Zwing, EaseMyGST, Casa Retail AI and Browntape, creating a holistic platform and technology for retailers. All of these startups have a different, yet dynamic working environment. We ensure cohesion through a centralized product planning team, which initiates the process. 

Once that step is completed, each product is developed by a different team. So that our customers don’t have to struggle on inter-app issues, we have centralized the helpdesk team. This is a major benefit of the Ginesys One ecosystem. The journey has been a mutually beneficial learning experience as we have understood the challenges of achieving product market fit, scalability and more and the startups have learnt the importance of efficient resource management and customer satisfaction.


DQ: What is your popular collaboration in the retail space?

Prashant LohiaWe have a variety of use cases in the retail space, with our customers ranging across Manyavar, VMart, Dr Morepen to Happi Mobiles. Some of our other popular collaborations include, My Glamm, Mumuso, Ritu Kumar, Arvind Fashion, etc.

DQ: What is the outlook on the retail technology sector, in line with recent Indian and global developments?


Prashant LohiaThe retail technology sector is booming with a horde of sub-sectors available for tech companies to explore. The sector is also enjoying a very healthy investor interest, with $843 million being pumped into our startups between Jan. to Sept. 2021. 

Ginesys One sees tremendous scope for retail tech as multiple factors like competition from larger players, online marketplaces and smartphone adoption are forcing retailers to get organized and adopt tech which offers them actionable insights and helps grow their business.

DQ: What are your future plans?

Prashant LohiaGinesys One has grown its platform steadily since inception and we look forward to solidifying our position and acquiring 5,000 customers over the next 3 years. We are also keen on growing our business in new segments and countries. 

We have just begun exploring the synergies of our products and are working towards the introduction of many exciting workflows powered by AI and composable services and orchestration engines, in the near term. The new push towards microservices shall make our entire tech stack very flexible and we have many more integration points available to make innovative solutions. Our hiring plans are very aggressive and we plan to double our headcount over the next year and a half.