GetVee Technologies launches social discovery platform in India

GetVee Technologies has launched India’s first hyper-local interest based discovery and networking platform, Vee. Available on Android OS, primarily targeted towards the age group of 18-24 this first of its kind application enables youth to connect with other relevant people on the basis of their specific interest or need.

With powerful and precise location-based features, this unique application offers innovative features such as ‘Conversations’ and ‘Tribes’. These features enable users to connect with each other and expand their social connections as per interests, thereby making their social experience more meaningful, real, personal and multi-dimensional. Conversations enables the user to engage with interesting and relevant discussions around their respective college, office or locality. Tribes enable the users to discover and join specific need based local communities owned and driven by similar minded individuals.

Commenting on the application, CEO& Founder, Nitin Gupta said According to a report by ‘we are social’, there are approx. 2.078 billion social media accounts globally, now imagine the Data that is being created every second, minute, day without us even noticing it. For an average consumer, this growing circle of connections can represent a huge data conundrum. Vee is specifically positioned to address this challenge. Developed to provide a relevant experience and help people connect to what matters to them, Vee helps discover and stay connected to relevant people, discussing relevant and common topics of interest helping form a strong community foundation. Vee aims to provide a platform where individuals can break away from the clutter and chat on a platform where they can find ‘their kind’ through a one-on-one connection.”

Currently available on Android OS, the application is free for download from Google Play store. The company is planning to launch iOS and Windows versions soon. Vee has grown substantially close to around 500,000 downloads. It gets opened as high as 12 times in a day and more than 40% of the overall monthly active users are active daily. Users spend as much as 12 minutes daily on an average on the app. There have been 500,000 connections, 47 million+ interactions and 6.5 million+ messages exchanged on Vee till date.


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