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Globally, businesses of all sizes see immense potential in artificial intelligence and revenues from cognitive software and server infrastructure are rising

Over the time, machines have evolved to understand some of the subtle nuances used in words and sentences. Yes, there is still a long way to go before it can mimic human understanding in its true form. Still, the advances made so far in artificial intelligence are enabling development of applications that help solve real-world problems.

Future Impact

Going forward, advancements in deep learning will further support creativity and critical thinking the way humans do. The next twenty years are expected to experience massive impact, all thanks to artificial intelligence, which is expected to evolve to complement human thinking in ways that may sound out of a sci-fi movie.

Globally, businesses of all sizes see immense potential in artificial intelligence and increasingly see as a differentiator that can help them gain the competitive advantage. The revenues from cognitive software and server infrastructure are already on the rise with IDC expecting revenues of $10 billion and $9 billion for the respective categories by 2021.

Lean on Artificial Intelligence

The push towards digitization is in full swing and will only increase going forward. Digital businesses will generate large volumes of data which will require them to increasingly lean on artificial intelligence in order to harness the oceans of data—big data. Without proper tools to harness this big data, businesses will face numerous challenges—storage, security, and compliance.

Efforts are already on to make artificial intelligence more accessible to businesses of all sizes. For instance, China is making significant investments to develop a talent pool skilled in artificial intelligence that will help the country dominate this space. Use of open source is also playing a big role in making deployment of artificial intelligence based solutions more affordable.

Get Started

Currently, businesses are at various stages of deploying applications driven by machine learning—a subset of artificial intelligence—and deep learning. According to IDC, 65% businesses run AI-based applications on premise, 22% on premise only, and 43% have opted for a combination of on-premise and cloud. That said IDC has found that 23% of the businesses are yet to identify the right solution for the infrastructure they want.

Given the immense benefits that artificial intelligence promises, businesses, which are still stuck at evaluation stage, would do well to quickly assess their needs and overcome roadblocks to identify appropriate solutions that can help realize these benefits.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

She can be reached here.

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