Get Hassle Free GST Ready with Exotel

Exotel, one of India’s leading cloud telephony companies announced the launch of their new campaign that focuses on helping ERP and Tax Accounting Software companies manage leads and make the process smooth and efficient. As lawmakers are in process of clearing out decks for the rollout of GST, Tally along with 33 other companies has recently been appointed as GST Suvidha Providers to help businesses transition to new regime. According to industry reports, less than 10 percent of SME’s are in a GST-ready position, it is undoubtedly a busy time of the year for these companies. The one problem that these partners face right now is, missing out on potential customers due to missed calls or a busy tone.

Exotel’s cloud telephony services will help these companies manage the high volume of incoming leads from companies who would like to become GST ready.

Speaking about the campaign, Shivakumar Ganesan, CEO & Founder, Exotel, said “With the new GST rules rolling out, we anticipated that there will be disruption in businesses as many SME’s are unlikely to be GST-compliant and the ERP and Tax Accounting Software companies would be receiving numerous calls in a day. One of the critical things for any business is to not miss any leads, at Exotel, we wholeheartedly believe in automations being the best way to combat this problem.”.

Exotel’s cloud telephony

● Enables efficient functioning – every customer who calls will be greeted with a professional IVR greeting, and connected to the right person, whether he is in the field or in office. The reseller’s service will be equivalent to a large company irrespective of the size.

● Is economical – No capital investment. So no infrastructure or maintenance cost

● Allows payment as you go – you can pay and use for however long you require the services

● Ensures businesses never miss a lead – every single call you receive is captured by Exotel. No more missing out on a lead because of a missed call. The customer never hears a busy tone.

● Facilitates easy IVR automation – You can set up a simple IVR greeting and a call flow in less than 15 mins.

● Supports Click-to-Call feature – Now include click-to-call buttons in your website & email campaigns.

If you’re interested in setting up something like this for your business, head over to page to learn more about this feature.

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