Geographic Information System: The First Step to Developing a Smart City

GIS can be used to show how many doctors there are in different areas compared with the population. They can also show what is near what, such as which homes and businesses are in areas prone to flooding

GIS System: Meaningful contribution to the Value added decisions

Lavasa Geographic Information has directly contributed to meaningful and value added decisions in the following ways:

  • Detailed land base information system
  • Precise contour mapping
  • 3 Dimensional virtual data
  • Vegetation & tree canopy mapping
  • Periodic analysis on land use & land cover change detection
  • Detailed Infrastructure & utilities information system
  • Informative thematic maps for the intelligence-led city governance
  • Spatial and engineering analysis
  • Reliable construction monitoring via the apps
  • GIS- CRM- sales-CCC-projects integration
  • Network analysis, bus and transit routes
  • Parking management, vital during traffic management
  • ROW and easements detailing
  • Application development for projects and citizen call center
  • Citizen request and response management
  • True 3-dimensional models and visualization for helpful to the sales, tourism & hospitality
  • Surveying & geodesy and geological mapping

Each and every piece of land at Lavasa is mapped using GIS (Geographic Information) technology and the data is tagged to the respective lat-long on globe. That means the planners, designers, projects, sales and marketing, tourism and CMS back offices, has data on the owners of the land and owners of the lot, 3-dimentional data of physiography of the land and contours, elevation of area and other existing features, land and lot area measurements, vegetation cover and its growth analysis, building construction status and their updates with pictures, underground utility network and its detailed mapping up to the house connections and decision making thematic maps.

Entire data is then integrated through an application and made available to the internal users via the single window web based system. This application is not only providing the processed data but made available various analytical tools in order to analysis the data online. This helped departments and users in getting reliable data, better analytical capability online, thereby enhancing their productivity and time saving.

Lavasa GIS should be considered as unique model for all the smart cities that are coming up in India.

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