Gemalto Recognizes APAC partners at Annual Cipher Partner summit

Gemalto announced its 2014 APAC Annual Cipher Partner Award winners at an awards ceremony in Phuket, Thailand. In recognition of the contributions and support by Gemalto’s partners, six awards were presented, including “Solution Partner of the Year”, “New Partner of the Year”, “Top Contributor of the Year”, “Rising Star of the Year”, “Cipher Partner of the Year” and “Marketing Excellence Award”.


Gemalto strengthened its network of APAC channel partners focused on data security solutions for enterprises. “Through the acquisition of SafeNet, Gemalto has accelerated its portfolio of data security solutions for the enterprises allowing the customer base to protect its data assets that may reside in hybrid environments of physical and virtualized assets. We now have the opportunity to offer a stronger combined portfolio, enabling more growth opportunities for Gemalto and our partners,” said Rana Gupta, Vice President of APAC Sales for Identity and Data Protection at Gemalto.


New Partner of the Year

Spectrum BD (Bangladesh) and eSECURE Technology (Taiwan) received the New Partner of the Year award for the significant projects they brought to Gemalto. Spectrum BD sold a Hardware Security Module (HSM) solution to the Central Bank in Bangladesh for its Real Time Gross Settlement project, and eSECURE Technology brought Gemalto an authentication project for a major bank in Taiwan last year.

Rising Star of the Year

Macnica Networks Corps. (Japan), PRONEW Technologies Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) and Stream I.T. Consulting Ltd. (Thailand) were recognized with the “Rising Star of the Year” award due to the significant increase in revenue contributions by these partners.

Solution Partner of the Year

ADOST (South Korea) and Channel Solutions Inc. (Philippines) were recognized with the “Solution Partner of the Year” award. ADOST was nominated for the best (HSM) application in 2014 and by winning most number of contracts, all with major banks and enterprises. Channel Solutions Inc. was recognized for its pioneering work in the region delivering multi-factor authentication solutions to banks.

Top Contributor of the Year

The “Top Contributor of the Year” award was given to Macnica Networks Corp. (Japan), Transition Systems (India) and Nera Telecommunications Ltd. (Singapore) for generating the most partner revenue in 2014.

Cipher Partner of the Year

The “Cipher Partner of the Year” went to Transition Systems (India), Bangkok Systems & Software Company Limited (Thailand) and Paysecure Technology Co Ltd., (Taiwan) as they showed strong adoption of the partner enablement programs offered through the Cipher Partner Program.

Marketing Excellence Award

Finally, Ascentech K.K. (Japan) and Transition Systems (Indonesia) took home the “Marketing Excellence Award”. The former bagged this award by prominently showcasing Gemalto’s Identity and Data Protection products at its physical and online estates helping drive the demand generation while the latter actively participated in the lead generation intitiatives by running the most number of marketing campaigns in 2014.


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