GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android Can Get Your Number Banned Permanently: Here’s Why

GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android is getting users banned permanently from WhatsApp as it is against their terms of service

GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android is being downloaded by some users, which in turn is leading to them getting permanently banned from the original WhatsApp platform. The free messaging platform owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook) mentions in its terms and conditions that using modified forms of WhatsApp such as GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android can lead to users getting banned. 

“Please, I am in Ghana. I was using GB WhatsApp and it asked for updation. About three days ago, my number got banned. I have uninstalled GB WhatsApp, and tried the original WhatsApp but it is still not working. Please let me know how I can get it restored?,” said Anaafi Ebenezer to Dataquest. “Please help me unban my account for me because I did the backup of all my files in the GB Whatsapp I was using and tried to apply it to the Original Whatsapp I’ve downloaded now but the backup folder wasn’t found on my phone so that delayed me from changing my unsupported Whatsapp to the Original one. So please try to unban it for me because it was not my intention to stay connected with the GB Whatsapp. Thanks you,” says Teacher Ketewa on a similar note.

Why People Download GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android?

GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android is being downloaded by users as the modified versions offer a few more features than the regular WhatsApp. They also offer free messages, audio calls and video calls like the original WhatsApp. Some of them even claim to be “anti-ban”, and state that installing the mod-version will not lead to users getting banned from the original platform. The mod app also offers customisation of features.

What Can Get Users Banned from WhatsApp?

Violating the following terms and conditions can get users banned from the platform:

  • Downloading mod apps like GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android.
  • Sending unwanted messages to contacts, who have requested to stop messaging them.
  • Forwarding bulk message, auto-message, or auto-dial using WhatsApp.
  • Sharing phone numbers without consent or using data obtained from illicit sources to message users on WhatsApp or add them to groups.
  • Messages sent using a broadcast list will only be received when users have added the senders’ phone number to their contact list. Frequent use of broadcast messages may lead people to reporting messages. Accounts that are reported multiple times will be banned.
  • Harvesting personal information will lead to users getting banned.
  • Accounts engaged in publishing falsehoods and engaging in illegal, threatening, intimidating, hateful, and racially or ethnically offensive behavior will be banned.

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