Gather creates ecosystem by new monetization model for content creators: Reggie Raghav Jerath

Gather Network is an innovative-based Internet model that allows publishers to generate revenue, without relying on heavy intrusive ads with the help of their smart processing power

Reggie Raghav Jerath, Founder and CEO Gather Network, talks about his journey. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: Tell us about the company and the services that your company offers?

Reggie Raghav Jerath: Gather Network is a layer 1 blockchain with its own token GTH. It creates an ecosystem by implementing a new monetization model for content creators, allowing them to harness the idle processing power of their visitors with their express permission to be distributed with Gather Cloud to enterprises and businesses.

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST Reggie Raghav Jerath.

We are working towards an ad free Internet with better user experience and much more satisfying and fair content monetization model for publishers. We have an unique marketplace model, bringing publishers and businesses together. All types of spare processing power go into the system and gets re-distributed, and the recalibrated, according to the market’s needs.

DQ: What were the company’s goals and objectives when it was founded? In a nutshell, tell us about your journey since the company’s foundation?

Reggie Raghav Jerath: We started Gather with one simple mission: to fix the Internet’s broken business model. Leveraging our expertise in cloud computing and blockchain technology, our specialty is in combining new and existing technologies together to unlock new revenue and cost saving opportunities for everyone.

Imagine an Internet where web and application developers can generate reliable revenue streams without having to rely on Ads. One that is not reliant on ads, one that is reliable and rewarding. While making cloud markets cheaper and fairer by leveraging companies’ existing infrastructure or powering with blockchain, Gather is unlocking a new type of business model for the Internet, incorporating Gather’s decentralized cloud services for a fully democratic Internet space, a secure and affordable private cloud environment by making use of a company’s existing devices.

DQ: What are your growth plans?

Reggie Raghav Jerath: We have around 400+ publishing customers registered to use Gather Online so far. We are running campaigns to raise the awareness for Gather Online in the meantime we will carry on and bring more partners with our B2B marketing efforts.

For the year ahead, on the Gather Layer 1 front, interoperability for multi-chain networks will be available, including Gather Native Chain, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Consequently, the Series A Round will be closed. This will enable us to expand the client operation team.

We are also aiming to have 10+ incubation projects enabling more utility token generation on the Gather chain, expanding the Gather ecosystem. At the end of this year, we also aim to teach 10.000+ publisher registration to use Gather Online, bringing us one step closer to mass adoption.

DQ: What were the major challenges the company has faced till now?

Reggie Raghav Jerath: The company had the seed round in 2018. This was used for development, but it eventually ran out, and the bear market conditions did not make it any better. Then, the founders self-funded with life savings and kept building throughout 2018-2020. Eventually, as the market conditions became better, we had a private sale round, over-subbed 25x with notable investors, such as Bitscale Capital, TRG Capital, Master Ventures and LD Capital in September 2020.

DQ: How is your company helping customers deliver relevant business outcomes through the adoption of the company’s technology innovations?

Reggie Raghav Jerath: If you’re a content creator, website owner or an app developer and you don’t want to dirty up the user experience with all these annoying pop-up ads. There enters Gather Online, where you can generate an income, much better than Google AdSense rates without the need to rely on digital ads.

Or, it can be used as an additional source of revenue on top of the existing ads. You will also have the option to reward your users with a Loyalty Program for the time spent on your website. We provide a disrupting, innovative way for the upcoming transparent and decentralized web3.

On the cloud side, if you’re a business owner and wish to implement a cloud infrastructure for your company, Gather Cloud enables you to adopt a secure & affordable private cloud environment and reduce dependency to external providers by making use of your existing devices.

With Gather Enterprise, we assist businesses in tokenization, facilitating their access to blockchain technology and help them develop a variety of business solutions for their day-to-day operations.

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