Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is a content-creator


Apple is credited for creating the tablet segment worldwide and rightly so. Its iPad is an undisputed leader in the tablet space, despite countless Andriod devices from rival camps. While the rival devices did not dare to stand a chance against iPad, it is time when Apple should afford a serious glance at its iPad strategy, since its serious rival in the smartphone race has set the ball rolling in the tablet space too with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-dubbed as iPad rival. To many, the Galaxy Note 10.1 stands a fair chance to compete with iPad because of many innovative features that even iPad does not promise.

Powered by Google’s latest generation Android software, the new tablet comes with a stylus what is otherwise called S-Pen and several new apps that allow you to use it for note-taking and sketching. Interestingly it comes with the ability to show two apps at once in a split-screen view. Priced at $499 onwards, Samsung’s base Note 10.1 model includes the S-Pen, PS Touch, Exynos 4 processor and 16GB of storage-which might a little less than desired in an iPad rival. Because despite a set of new features that it offers unlike iPad, it is unlikely to get over Apple. The base model lacks 3G or 4G and is only Wi-Fi-enabled-which Samsung users are not used to. Also tablets are getting cheaper and are being offered at lower much prices and that too, with 3G connectivity. Even Apple is rumored to have prepared itself for the cheap tablet warfare. In such background, Samsung is likely to face arduous times to wade through competition with Note 10.1.

However, the device is not ruled out a good number of users for a change of concept. Maybe, this is the device that would disassociate ‘only-content-consumption-device’ tag from tablets–a point which is reiterated time and again when it comes to the negatives of tablets. It might usher an era of content creation through tablets which has been unheard of until recently. Undoubtedly, this feature does not sound like a true selling recipe. There is a lot more demanded, desired when consumers are on the look out for tablets in the market.


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