FYERS devises thematic investing platform for Indian millennials

FYERS is an online brokerage that has an inbuilt stock analysis platform. The company has introduced a thematic investing platform that enables people to invest like professionals in the stock market just based on their individual ideas. It erases all the complexity involved in analyzing companies and only focuses on ideas that may do well in the future. These ideas are backed by strong themes, which users can invest in with a single click.

The platform allows investors to buy stocks of a particular sector that has options of handpicked, well performing companies. The interface gives ease of online stock brokerage to customers who are new to the concept of stock markets. Themes can also be customized based on the users’s risk preferences. For example, “Cashless Economy” is a theme that is built to maximize returns post demonetization move by investing in companies that will benefit from digital payments.

FYERS claims that in the last 1 year, top 20% of its themes have outperformed the best performing equity diversified mutual funds in the India.

The Bengaluru based company that was started in 2015 built its own technology, to be the differentiator from the competition. Tejas Khoday, Co-Founder of FYERS says, “As people are becoming increasingly busy, it is difficult to allocate dedicated time for themselves, let alone investing. Through our platform, anyone can invest in several professional themes within a few minutes. What’s best is that you can start investing with less than ₹5000 in your account. It is a more hands on and exciting approach than putting your money in mutual funds. Also, while mutual funds charge up-to 2.5% of AUM as fees, we charge a flat fee of ₹100 only per theme.”

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  1. Shankar says:

    Well done FYERS, thematic is really helpful for small investors looking for building portfolios on themselves.

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