Future is bridging the divide between business users and SAP

SAP TechEd 2022 was recently held in Las Vegas, USA. At a press conference, Scott Russell, Executive Board Member, Customer Success, SAP said that we are today living in uncertain times. We understand your businesses and can help them grow. We have an invisble hero — SAP Business Technology platform. It empowers businesses! We have over 15,000 customers today. The platform provides power of data for all your needs. These include AI/ML, data, orchestration, etc. We recognize that the future is bridging the divide between business users and SAP.

Ms. Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer and member of the Executive Board at SAP SE, said that every company is a tech company today. Every industry is competing for finite talent. Every industry is hungry for that. Business and digital transformation is now about that, and being driven by business and technology associates. These are the business experts.

Next wave of business value
She said that the next wave will be powered by people who can create business value. Two-thirds don’t have the right tech tools. They need tech to innovate. SAP can provide tools to innovate, and in new areas. We are putting the power of business and process automation in hands of experts. SAP systems can run and define the world’s leading systems and processes. You can tap into business data within the systems. The solution is integrated!

DQI Bureau | DATAQUEST L-R: Ms. Julia White, Jurgen Mueller, and Oliver Roll. Top: Scott Russell.

She added that we are announcing SAP Build, a low-code solution, that puts world-class business apps in the hands of developers. SAB Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, and SAP Build Work Zone are meant to design business sites and businesses. We are ready to unlock the power of our systems.

Introducing SAP Build
Jurgen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Board Member at SAP SE, said that we have a low-code and pro-code journey for data scientists, developers, and even non-technical users. The key to more impactful business transformation is unleashing the expertise of those who know the business best.

SAP Build has three components — apps, process automation, and work zone. New SAP Start is provided free of charge. SAP Start can be customized using SAP Build Work Zone. We have the world’s largest store connected to SAP Build.

We have new Visual Cloud function built into SAP Build. You can have secure and easy access to data. You can also connect to non-SAP systems. SAP Build process automation users can now automate Google Workgroup. SAP Build is more secure, easier, and more accessible.

There is free tier for SAP Build. You can build customized, engaging websites. SAP Build enables everyone to build an app. They can automate with drag-and-drop capability. We are also going to upskill over 2 million users.

Freudenberg and SAP are now innovating together. It showed the collaboration of IT and business. New processes moved from couple of weeks to days. We will also need to unleash the new business users.

Spencer Cook, XM Advocates Lead, Qualtrics, said we have become much more sophisticated today. We received feedback from customers such as how can we match myself with peers, without Qualtrics getting involved! We have comprehensive user-friendly solutions for iOS and Android. 100 UI screens have been designed and delivered. We launched in Sept. 2022. We have since then reduced costs by 90%. We are a feedback company, and have made the onboarding experience easier.

Working with SMEs
Speaking exclusively with Dataquest, Ms. Julia White, SAP, said the company is also working with SMEs. We can create enough for one business user to get started. It is a pay-as-you-use model. We have a simple 20-minute course for getting started.

SAP has also partnered with Coursera, and that is to help bridge the skills gap. We have got into the partnership with Coursera, so that we can have more reach and extension.

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