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A Foundation for Business Computing

Devices built on the Intel vPro platform propel the modern workplace and become strategic assets to a business.

Built For Business 

The Intel vPro platform is comprised of hardware and technologies that form the building blocks for business computing. System manufacturers utilize these building blocks and contribute computing expertise to deliver notebooks, desktops, workstations, and other computing appliances that are optimized for the modern workplace.

The Heart of the Problem

The Intel vPro platform features the latest Intel Core vPro and Intel Xeon, processors. The platform specification is updated on a regular basis to provide continuous innovation and also offers optimized architectures for desktop and mobile. Each generational release aims to provide performance headroom for business workflows while enabling flexible form factors for a variety of computing environments.

Specification Components

Complementing the processor, systems based on the Intel vPro platform incorporate specific chipsets, management-optimized networking, plus high-end memory and I/O components designed to improve business productivity. As Table (Intel vPro platform components) indicates, systems verified as brand compliant also enable a wide variety of technologies that improve manageability, security, and stability for business devices. Moreover, the Intel vPro platform specification requires Microsoft Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise as various capabilities of the platform either enable, accelerate, or complement features and services within these operating systems.

intel vpro business computing tiers

Designed for Managed IT

As Figure 1 indicates, the Intel vPro platform sits atop Intel’s product offerings. The platform is a superset of underlying products and technologies, adding unique capabilities for business computing. The Intel vPro platform is designed for managed IT environments, where a business aims to enforce corporate policies across its computing infrastructure. These policies may include custom imaging, enabling security services, device provisioning, or maintaining machines over their life cycle. This type of asset control can benefit businesses of all sizes, whether the computing infrastructure is managed internally or by a service provider.

Value Proposition

The Intel vPro platform simplifies computer purchase decisions with platforms verified ready for business. As shown in Figure 2, the value proposition extends across four categories, addressing the needs of both workers and technology decision-makers.

Intel vPro value proposition chart


Modern workers require amazingly responsive computing systems that match their pace of work. A fully-realized Intel vPro platform combines the top end of Intel’s processor product line with high speed wired and wireless networking, Thunderbolt 3 I/O, Intel SSD drives, and Intel Optane memory for fast data access. Performance is also about having the right device for the job, therefore, Intel vPro brand compliant systems are available in a variety of form factors. This includes thin and light mobile systems with great battery life, small form factor desktops for elegant workspaces, and workstations that support a rich, visual computing environment. This comprehensive offering results in a great user experience, empowering worker productivity.


The Intel vPro platform features Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) which enables efficient proactive and reactive maintenance of computing endpoints. This is critical given the current rate of technology change, where software patches are common and often necessary at all layers in the stack. Intel AMT provides full OS-independent remote control of endpoints over wired or wireless connections, enabling wake and patch, system reimaging and recovery, and other popular use cases. On systems with integrated Intel HD Graphics, out-of-band keyboard/video/mouse remote control allows a technician to remotely debug a PC as if sitting right in front of it.

As a result, systems based on the Intel vPro platform can lower costs by reducing onsite repairs, increasing computing uptime, reducing disruption caused by updates, and enabling IT to reach distributed workforces and devices. Manageability is increasingly important to a business because a well-maintained PC is a more secure PC.

Security Features

The Intel vPro platform delivers hardware-enhanced security features that help protect all layers in the computing stack. For example, Intel Hardware Shield provides a set of configurable platform protection technologies utilized by low-level system software. Transparent Supply Chain provides a mechanism to confirm component authenticity, while Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) helps protect select code and data through the use of hardware enclaves. In addition, Intel Authenticate Technology enables a business to define and execute PC login policies requiring multiple proof points of identity. Finally, systems based on the Intel vPro platform provide hardware support for a variety of security services within the Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise operating systems.


The Intel Stable Image Platform Program (Intel SIPP) helps businesses manage lifecycle complexities. It aims to stabilize key system components for 15 months or until the next platform release. This helps a business avoid network or software compatibility problems that may arise when deploying less stable computing infrastructure. In addition, Intel validates multiple versions of Windows 10 on any given generation of the platform, allowing businesses to better manage OS transitions and take advantage of extended support from Microsoft for any given OS release.


The right computing solutions are essential to a modern workplace. The devices people use directly impact productivity, nurture core competencies, and drive collaboration that produces business results. The Intel vPro platform enables devices that meet the needs of the user and the needs of the business, hence transforming computing endpoints into strategic corporate assets. For more info please visit

intel vpro components table

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