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The future of content sharing platforms in India: Karam Malhotra, SHAREit

Content sharing platforms in India need to provide a personalized experience to users in order to thrive in a multi-lingual country like India. Karam Malhotra, CEO, SHAREit India, VP, SHAREit Global, shares his views on the same

India is a country that is known for various other languages apart from English. What must content sharing platforms do to thrive in a country like India?

India is unmatched in terms of diversity. With so many languages and regional differences in culture, content consumption patterns become quite peculiar. The need for customized content feeding becomes extremely important and it is vital to tap this untouched user base. Only about 15% of SHAREit users speak English, while 30-35% of users speak Hindi, 18% Telugu, 17% Tamil, 15% Kannada and Malayalam, rest counts for Bhojpuri, Marathi, etc.

Additionally, last year we made a very conscious decision to partner with multiple popular content houses because the problem with content in India is that a lot of it may not be reachable to the mass market. We went on sign deals with Viacom, Hungama, ALT Balaji. Cricket being immensely popular in India, we tied up with Hotstar to stream the same. Ultimately, customization and localization are the key contributors to any brand that wants to be successful in a market such as India.

What is the future of content sharing platforms in India?

The last decade has been of utmost significance for the digital landscape of India. Newer avenues like digital payment solutions, e-retail and e-health services have grown to become important industries. Media consumption on digital platforms, which was once seen as a farfetched dream, has now become a reality.

The future for content sharing platforms in India is nothing short of exciting, considering these changes and many other developments. The push for digitization and the change in outlook are sure to revolutionize this industry.

With platforms, that are giving higher importance to domesticated and localized content, and increased focus on the non-English speaking audience, there is still a long way to go. Platforms like Netflix and Prime are devotedly widening their content palette in India and the evolution to localized content has just started.

Curating content or creating it: What works better?

Content is easily available today through a lot of platforms and apps. The distribution of content in a vast country like India still is a major problem, since most of the content available is paid. This gives users extremely limited access to the fresh content available.

How important is the role played by cybersecurity when it comes to content sharing platforms?

Cybersecurity indeed plays a very important role in the content sharing platform. At SHAREit, we strictly adhere to high-security standards and respect our user’s privacy. We care a lot about cybersecurity and everything that is shared is encrypted user to user. We don’t keep any personally identifiable info of users with us.

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