Funtuse Claims First “All-In-One” Online Marketplace for Children’s Content

Funtuse announces the launch of its subscription-based marketplace specifically developed to provide children with appropriate online content and as a platform for publishers to effectively monetize their catalogues. The Funtuse all-in-one service offers children 5 to 12 years of age an ad-free, curated content platform featuring games, audio books, e-books, videos, and music.

All Funtuse content is specifically selected by experts and child psychologists to ensure that anything published is age-appropriate and suitable for young viewers. By creating a platform that offers parents piece of mind in regards to the content their kids are watching, Funtuse’s cross-platform service also allows users to access content on desktops, iPads and iPhones.

Content producers who are searching for an alternative and secure way to distribute and monetize their digital media can leverage the Funtuse platform to gain a worldwide audience. With full, country-specific distribution and copyright control, content makers can now easily upload their content on Funtuse for free and receive a 50% share of subscription revenue generated by the platform. The more subscribers that view their content, the more revenue content providers receive.

“We look to offer children all over the world a secure and trusted digital environment to read, watch, and play the best quality content that can educate as well as entertain,” says Funtuse Founder & Business Development Manager Sidharth Dhingra.

“What we have developed is a platform that is beneficial for the end-user as well as the content provider who spends hours writing a great children’s e-book, or filming an insightful educational video series”, also he added.

Content producers can also follow specific user trends via Funtuse’s detailed analytics dashboard, making the feature a powerful tool that can be leveraged to turn insights into effective product and marketing strategies. For parents, the analytics feature enables them to track their child’s interaction with Funtuse’s content and gain a deeper understanding of their interests.

Additionally, content providers can benefit from Funtuse’s expansive PR network giving them invaluable exposure in a global market that — according to IT research and advisory firm Gartner — has increased to $20 billion. Funtuse is also uniquely positioned to provide access to content providers looking to tap the vast Indian market, where 30% of the country’s 1.27 billion people are under the age of 12 and are increasingly following the footsteps of their western peers.

“Funtuse is live, and we are constantly looking for content partners — whether they be publishing houses, independent animators, self publishers or game developers to help us grow and offer a unique media platform to children all over the world,” adds Dhingra.

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