Fujitsu Takes Lead in Visualizing Supply Chain CO2 Emissions through Successful Participation in WBCSD PACT Implementation Program

Fujitsu has announced its achievement in visualizing CO2 emissions in its supply chain, participation in the PACT Implementation program.

Punam Singh
New Update
Fujitsu CO2 emission

Fujitsu has officially announced its achievement in visualizing CO2 emissions across its supply chain. This success comes as a result of Fujitsu's participation in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) Implementation program. This program is the world's first implementation program facilitating business-to-business data integration for product carbon footprint (PCF) information, marking a significant step towards sustainable practices.


In its initial implementation of the program, Fujitsu utilized its Track and Trust technology, a PACT-compliant solution built on the Pathfinder Network. This technology enabled the connection of actual data to calculate CO2 emissions in the product carbon footprint (PCF) throughout its notebook PC supply chain. Fujitsu not only calculated emissions but also identified solutions to address genuine supply chain issues. These solutions included strategies to enhance supplier engagement and foster ecosystems through the exchange of PCF data, using actual data from suppliers.

In the future, Fujitsu will continue to utilize the insights acquired from this initiative in data collection and collaboration. The aim is to contribute to the establishment of standardized methods and best practices for business-to-business data integration within the supply chain together with industry associations including the WBCSD and other key stakeholders. Through these efforts, Fujitsu will play a crucial role in addressing global environmental challenges, aligning with the essential contribution areas outlined in the Fujitsu Group's Materiality approach. Alongside this project, Fujitsu plans to share its expertise gained from data integration and methodology standardization by offering ESG management platform services and digital supply chain services as part of its Fujitsu Uvance portfolio.

"We are delighted Fujitsu has participated in the PACT Implementation Program as one of the Lead Companies and Solution Providers and have been impressed by their dedication and progress in creating transparency on supply chain emissions. We are grateful for their continued leadership, cooperation, and support and look forward to working together closely to further scale our efforts globally," commented Anna Stanley-Radière, Director of climate Transparency, at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Fujitsu's commitment to PACT remains unwavering as it actively contributes to the formulation of regulations, supports initiatives, and develops solutions that facilitate data integration through the Pathfinder Network.

Additionally, Fujitsu has outlined its plans to offer digital supply chain services that align with laws and regulations like the EU Battery Regulation and the EU CSR Directive starting in the second half of fiscal year 2023. Fujitsu's global deployment of this service across various industries aims to integrate fragmented data across processes and foster a digital supply chain that interconnects companies to optimize the entire supply chain and contribute to the global pursuit of carbon neutrality.