Fujitsu M10 Servers and Oracle Solaris 11.2 Accelerate Datacenter Transformation

Oracle Solaris Brings Mission-Critical Applications and Cloud Agility Together on a Single Fujitsu M10 Server, Supporting the Needs of Today’s Datacenters

IT organizations today face increasingly intense demands for greater performance, scalability, and efficiency due to massive data growth and often turn to server virtualization and private/hybrid cloud infrastructure to meet evolving service level requirements. Fujitsu M10 servers running Oracle Solaris 11.2, a fully-integrated enterprise OpenStack® distribution, are an ideal match for today’s IT requirements. The combination of the mission-critical strength of Oracle Solaris and its integration of OpenStack open-source cloud software enables IT leaders to build efficient, compliant, secure, open and affordable clouds and allows cloud and legacy applications to co-exist on a single system, to easily transition datacenter infrastructures to on-premise/hybrid cloud models.

According to Alex Lam, vice president of Enterprise Products Business at Fujitsu America, Inc., “Few datacenters in the U.S. are truly greenfield, meaning the majority of datacenters are required to support mission-critical legacy workloads, while at the same time supporting the development and deployment of new applications for the cloud. Fujitsu M10 servers with Oracle Solaris offer a powerful solution to help IT leaders transition their datacenters to the cloud, while maintaining critical SLAs around performance and mission-critical capabilities.”

Fujitsu M10 servers are flexible and scalable systems that deliver high performance and mission-critical reliability for enterprise-class workloads. These high performance servers are based on Fujitsu SPARC64® X+/X processors, run Oracle Solaris and offer dynamic scaling in a pay-as-you-grow model supporting up to 1,024 cores and 32 TB of memory in a single system image – among the industry’s largest capacity available on the market today, delivering extreme in-memory compute performance.

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