From data insights to enhanced experiences: How AI is reshaping India's IT services landscape

From data insights to enhanced experiences: How AI is reshaping India's IT services landscape

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation are transforming the IT sector, revolutionizing traditional processes, and driving exponential change in company operations. The rate of adoption of these technologies is set to accelerate with the recent emergence of Generative AI (GenAI).


Enterprises like Microsoft and Google are investing and leveraging GenAI to build solutions that will benefit their customers and partners. These technologies automate tasks, optimize processes, predict demand, and drive efficiency and innovation. Use cases such as AI-powered chatbots, personalized marketing campaigns, and automated content creation tools exemplify the transformative capabilities of GenAI.

As per Goldman Sachs, the right use of GenAI can add around 7% or $7 Trillion to the Global GDP in the next ten years . This staggering statistic highlights the significant impact that Analytical AI, GenAI, and Intelligent Automation can have on the business environment by streamlining procedures, increasing efficiency, and stimulating creativity.

The integration of AI in the IT services industry empowers businesses to become more agile, responsive, and competitive in an increasingly data-driven and technology-centric world. Some key advantages of AI in the IT services industry include:


Accelerated decision-making: The combination of Intelligent Automation and GenAI enables quick analysis of large datasets to generate valuable insights. This enables timely access to relevant information, improving decision-making accuracy and efficiency.

From market trend analysis to supply chain optimization, GenAI provides real-time insights and recommendations, saving time and enhancing decision-making. It revolutionizes how businesses make data-driven decisions, leading to better strategies and outcomes.

Robotic process automation (RPA): GenAI, combined with RPA, revolutionizes the IT industry by automating operations and streamlining procedures. This powerful combination increases productivity, efficiency, and reduces human error.


It offers potential use cases in fraud detection, delivering enhanced customer service across sectors like finance, and healthcare. By automating repetitive tasks, GenAI optimizes resource allocation and streamlines operations. Integrating AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants enhances workplace productivity and support functions.

Natural language processing (NLP): AI has revolutionized the field of NLP by enabling computers to understand, analyse, and generate human language. From advanced text classification and sentiment analysis to content recommendation, NLP enhances various tasks, including spam filtering, virtual assistants, and automated content creation. It powers intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants, transforming customer support and service interactions.

Boosting digital customer experience: Intelligent automation and GenAI are transforming the way companies interact with customers. Through customized chatbots, virtual assistants, and AI-driven recommendation engines, organizations can create seamless and personalized digital customer experiences, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


For example, Amazon uses GenAI to power Alexa and its automated online chat assistant. According to a Gartner survey, 38% of respondents believe that customer experience is the primary focus of GenAI Investment.

Enhanced cyber security and risk management: As the IT landscape becomes increasingly complex, cybersecurity and risk management take centre stage. AI-powered cybersecurity systems enable real-time threat analysis and detection, facilitating proactive risk mitigation and robust data security measures to protect against emerging threats.

Continuous learning and upskilling: AI empowers IT professionals with upskilling opportunities and personalized learning paths. Through AI-powered training platforms and adaptive learning solutions, individuals can acquire new skills and stay updated with the latest business trends.

Embracing these transformative trends while considering ethical implications and implementing robust cybersecurity measures will shape a future where technology drives innovation, efficiency, and responsible growth.

-- Ganesan Karuppanaicker CTO, Birlasoft.