From 2G Tuesdays to banning of iPhones, Facebook makes employees experience how Internet is accessed in developing countries

Social networking giant understands that the key to keep on increasing its user base lies in increasing its user base in developing countries like India. To make sure that its employees and engineers understand how Facebook performs in countries which have slower Internet connections, Facebook has launched a series of initiatives.

The firm has launched an innovative program called ‘2G Tuesdays’ where employees get a sense of how slow Internet connections can be in developing countries. Facebook’s engineers will understand what works in emerging markets and what does not.  By experiencing the conditions felt in developing countries, Facebook hopes to encourage its employees and engineers to develop better products that perform well in every country.

Similarly, Facebook has enforced a no-iPhone rule for some of its key engineers in the product team so that the engineers experience how the social network performs in low cost Android devices. The Android market is huge and a huge number of people in developing countries use low cost Android devices to access Facebook.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has said that his company’s primary goal is to get two-thirds of the world that is now offline, to the Internet.

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