Freedom.Desi Forays into Return Filing in GST Regime

Freedom.Desi,  India Retail-tech company that connects offline retailers with online customers, is geared to make its foray into return filing in the impeding GST regime. Touted as the biggest reform in Indian’s tax structure, GST aims to eliminate tax barrier between states and create a single marketplace. Through its mobile application, Freedom.Desi will offer robust GST solutions to bring forth improved productivity, and streamline tax processes, enabling retailers to run their business smoothly.

Once implemented, GST will be one of the biggest taxation reforms to take place in India. GST entails a major shift from origin-based taxation to a destination-based tax structure, affecting the various facets of business such as pricing, profitability, cash flow, sourcing, and supply chain. The sole intention of this reform is to facilitate a single, cooperative market, which will eventually help create a progressive business infrastructure and economy.

Freedom.Desi helps offline retailers to leverage the benefits of location-based technology to increase footfall and drive sales. The mobile based application uses Wi-Fi sensors to track users in vicinity on a commercial space, log footfalls and also out promotional offers to their app-users in the vicinity.

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