Fortis Healthcare: Private Cloud Helps Enhance Patient Care

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As part of the service industry, Fortis believes in the adoption of latest technology to constantly enhance productivity and most importantly customer satisfaction. Founded in 1996, Fortis Healthcare is world class healthcare delivery system in India, providing excellent patient care. The organization has seen an improvement in IT management due to faster deployment, as well as energy and cost savings. A rapidly expanding group of hospitals, Fortis Healthcare is a combination of green field projects and acquisitions.


Fortis Private Cloud

There was an urgent need to establish the Fortis brand and provide unique, pleasant, and uniform customer experience across Fortis hospitals. In addition, it was desirable to provide patients access to the best medical advice and diagnostic services from among the entire group of Fortis hospitals irrespective of the patients location. In view of such requirements, Fortis is setting up its own private cloud in collaboration with group company Religare Technova and HCL Infosystems.


The Fortis private cloud offers the following services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service: A robust data center provides virtualized hardware and connectivity for all Fortis locations with full disaster recovery and back-up infrastructure. This service provides end users the hardware as per their requirements without them having to own, store, or maintain hardware.
  • Platform as a Service: This service enables Fortis IT and Fortis software vendors to develop, maintain, deploy, and deliver software applications for various Fortis functions. Software development teams can use the cloud to develop applications using the platform provided, deploy self-created applications and finally publish these applications for use of business users in their respective organizations. The main business platform 'Cache' and middleware platform 'Ensemble' are hosted on the cloud.
  • Software as a Service: A cloud can host applications for various business purposes and domains. An application is hosted as a service and provided to customers across the internet/intranet. As part of the cloud, Fortis has centralized its Hospital Information System-Trakcare from InterSystems-and created a central analytics and MIS platform. There are plans to host additional applications like the corporate HR system on the cloud as well.

Cloud Benefits Fortis


The cloud phenomenon has proved beneficial for Fortis Healthcare in various ways:

  • Patients are provided a unique identification number which enables Fortis hospitals across geographies to access patient data. No longer does a patient need to carry his/her medical records while moving from one Fortis hospital to another. This certainly provides uniform and pleasant patient experience
  • Electronic Patient Records are accessible from all Fortis locations. This leads to fewer errors, quick response time in emergencies, and patient convenience
  • Medical practitioners can access patient records on their handheld devices
  • Radiology images are available to doctors across Fortis locations; thus eliminating the need of expensive film and physical transportation of reports. This drastically brings down cost, and a patient no longer needs to travel distances to see specialist doctors
  • Cloud has also enabled Fortis to provide telemedicine to remote locations
  • Central patient data opens up the possibility of processing information for various research purposes while complying with prevailing regulations

By viewing cloud computing as a healthcare perspective, Fortis hospitals across geographies have experienced improved performance, lower maintenance costs, high availability and disaster recovery made easy.

As told to Drishti D Manoah