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Fortinet Redefines Expectations for Next-Generation Firewalls in the Enterprise

Fortinet, the high-performance cyber security solutions, today announced its newest series of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) that enable enterprises to deploy advanced threat protection and SSL inspection at their campuses and branch offices without performance bottlenecks. This industry-leading combination of performance and value helps organizations securely embrace new cloud architectures and web-based services that provide a business advantage in today’s digital economy.

  • The FortiGate 500E and FortiGate 300E are engineered to serve as the security foundation for enterprise campuses and branch offices – more than doubling the performance of the previous generation without increasing cost.
  • The FortiGate 500E is the most affordable security appliance to offer 10GbE connectivity with class-leading threat protection performance.
  • The FortiGate 300E delivers the highest SSL performance in its class and provides enhanced features to enables secure SD-WAN

Enterprise Networking and Security Demands are Changing

Increased adoption of the cloud and web-based applications and services are rapidly changing the security and networking requirements for enterprises who are embracing digital transformation, but also want to ensure they can do so securely. This has increased the demands on firewalls as they provide a natural gateway to manage and secure all the traffic while also providing enhanced networking features required by modern enterprises.

Gartner predicts that: “by 2020, 50% of new enterprise firewalls deployed will be used for outbound TLS inspection, up from less than 10% today.” Gartner also states that “many enterprises are looking to firewall vendors to provide cloud-based malware-detection instances to aid them in their advanced threat detection efforts, as a cost-effective alternative to stand-alone sandboxing solutions.”1

 It’s clear that expectations for firewall capabilities are growing to meet the needs of enterprise networks and modern NGFWs must evolve to keep up with changing infrastructure and a constantly expanding threat landscape.

Setting New Standards for Security

Both of Fortinet’s latest E-series NGFWs leverage the benefits of the Fortinet Security Fabric which enables tightly integrated advanced threat protection capabilities like cloud sandboxing, endpoint protection and threat intelligence. All of the integrated capabilities are orchestrated through Fortinet’s FortiOS security operating system which provides top-down fabric topology views for management and visibility that spans the entire infrastructure. FortiOS also enables granular visibility beyond typical application traffic, including individual users, IoT devices, end-point clients and access points.

The FortiGate 500E and 300E also employ Fortinet’s CP9 discrete Security Processing Unit that accelerates hardware-intensive intrusion prevention capabilities and SSL inspection to identify threats hidden in encrypted traffic.

Fortinet was recognized as a Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls, Fortinet considers its inclusion as a testament to its continually increasing security capabilities, networking functionality and performance of its solutions to help customers stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

The combination of industry leading security, best-in-class performance and incredible value sets a new benchmark for NGFW appliances in the enterprise.


FortiGate 500E

The FortiGate 500E is ideally suited as a high-performance NGFW for enterprise campus environments and is the industry’s most affordable NGFW appliance to offer 10GbE connectivity. This connectivity supports increased throughput performance, especially for hardware-intensive threat protection and deep inspection features needed to secure digital enterprises.

  • 5 Gbps NGFW Throughput
  • 7 Gbps Threat Protection Throughput
  • 8 Gbps SSL Inspection Throughput


FortiGate 300E

The FortiGate 300E is engineered to suit the needs of branch offices that require NGFW protection with high port density and integrated secure SD-WAN networking capabilities to ensure that locations are always connected through highly reliable, efficient and secure wide area networks.

  • 5 Gbps NGFW Throughput
  • 8 Gbps SSL Inspection Throughput
  • 3 Gbps Threat Protection Throughput

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