Foodpanda Opts for MyOperator To Strengthen the Delivery Recruitment Process

Foodpanda,the mobile and online food ordering marketplace have opted for MyOperator, the call management and cloud telephony startup to strengthen its logistics recruitment process for delivering food.

The integration of the technology solution to foodpanda hiring process has enhanced the delivery process. This tie-up is aimed to increase and ease the hiring process of foodpanda. MyOperator fulfilled foodpanda requirements by providing them with an “Outbound IVR solution”. The number of outbound calls made on monthly basis rose from X to 5X by automating foodpanda manual and laborious outbound calling process.

“MyOperator helped us in speeding up our hiring process. Their call automation intelligence enabled us in filtering and hiring suitable candidates fitting our criteria amongst thousands. The system helped us reduce our cost and more importantly helped us to save useful man hours and reduce manual efforts “says Himanshu Ratnoo , Chief Logistics Officer, foodpanda.

With this tie-up, foodpanda has seen a steep rise of 500% in a number of calls made. Outbound IVR solution from MyOperator helped foodpanda agents to leverage time and productivity better. The cost per call for foodpanda after opting MyOperator’s outbound IVR reduced up to 5 times.

Ankit Jain, CEO, MyOperator, says,“Our association with foodpanda is a set example of how call management feature like outbound IVR can be efficient and effective in hiring. A simple feature can bring in value to the business growth.

An IVR is generally used for routing incoming calls and it is a key feature adopted by businesses across the sectors. MyOperator, a bootstrapped startup is serving more than 3000 customers and is handling more than a million calls daily.

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