Foe 60% IT users managing multiple vendors is the biggest pain area

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In what can well be termed as a backlash against complexity, a majority of

users surveyed across Indian enterprises have said that management complexities

such as multiple security vendors and multiple passwords are the top pain points

for them.


In a survey of 1,213 users across India, as many as 58% of users have

identified managing solution with multiple security vendors as a pain area. An

almost equal number of users56% to be accuratesee multiple passwords for

authentication as a pain point. Complexity in managing security issues, complex

security environment leading to loss of productivity, and restrictive desktop

procedures have emerged as the other top-of-mind issues for IT users in a survey

conducted by Microsoft and Cross Tab. The results have been shared exclusively

with Dataquest.

Check Noise, Make Noise

Most users identified with the problem of multiple security vendors as

having solutions from multiple vendors meant that there will be different

implementation stages, updates, licenses and different configurations.

Password management has been another key challenge where more than 50% of the

respondents complained of log-in attempt failures. Different compliance

initiatives have led the organization to enforce strong password policies, but

remembering those passwords is increasingly becoming a challenge.

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Issue Satisfaction Level                  
Multiple Security Vendor Issue Doesnt affect us much 34% 26% 29% 26% 35% 35% 39% 30% 35%
Moderately frustrated 15% 19% 16% 20% 12% 20% 24% 26% 30%
Extremely frustrated 51% 55% 55% 54% 53% 45% 37% 44% 35%
Password Management Doesnt affect us much 11% 24% 26% 17% 28% 25% 37% 23% 37%
Moderately frustrated 21% 13% 11% 19% 12% 20% 14% 16% 13%
Extremely frustrated 68% 63% 63% 64% 60% 55% 49% 61% 50%
IT Security Management Doesnt affect us much 13% 20% 26% 19% 28% 25% 39% 23% 36%
Moderately frustrated 20% 21% 13% 15% 15% 23% 14% 22% 11%
Extremely frustrated 67% 59% 61% 66% 57% 52% 47% 55% 53%
Security Compliance Doesnt affect us much 23% 21% 22.% 30% 28% 25% 41% 26% 34%
Moderately frustrated 20% 19% 23% 15% 15% 15% 13% 20% 12%
Extremely frustrated 57% 60% 55% 55% 57% 60% 46% 54% 54%
Internal IT Environment Doesnt affect us much 18% 19% 23% 30% 26% 25% 39% 23% 31%
Moderately frustrated 24% 23% 23% 16% 21% 20% 16% 24% 18%
Extremely frustrated 58% 58% 54% 54% 53% 55% 45% 53% 51%
Desktop Security Procedure Doesnt affect us much 18% 16% 21% 20% 22% 26% 37% 23% 27%
Moderately frustrated 25% 23% 24% 23% 23% 20% 16% 24% 20%
Extremely frustrated 57% 61% 55% 57% 55% 54% 47% 53% 53%

Many users who were surveyed also complained that a lot of effort goes into

solving issues related to security solutions. Security issues that are too

complicated to handle decrease the overall IT efficiency of the organization.

52% of respondents felt that IT security management is extremely difficult to

handle and a lot of time is spent in solving these issues.

The end users realized that they are burdened with too many security

compliances. This problem was linked with the authentication process involved or

other related issues. There are a lot of Dos and Donts in an organization,

especially when it comes to installing a software. More than 50% users were

burdened with too many security compliances in the organization.


A little less than half (47%) the respondents were frustrated with the total

hours wasted by the end users because of security management issues, leading to

the loss of productivity.

Finally, users also cited the problem that there are a lot of restrictions

when it comes to desktop security procedures, which often do not allow

installation of applications, chat services, social networking tools, etc.

Increasingly, some of these are used for doing business. Lack of access to these

tools, hence, becomes frustrating for any frontline executive.

Lowering the Noise

A set of strategies are recommended in response to the survey. These

recommendations would have a positive impact on the users and the decision

makers to implement an effective IT infrastructure. The report suggests that

there has to be vendor consolidation to have less dependency on multiple

vendors. A simple and single solution would also allow easy deployment and

alignment with the internal IT infrastructure.


A less regulatory and less compliance pressure can also lead to simple

authentication steps. An effective security solution should be implemented that

increases the performance and productivity of the organization, while also

understanding the users needs by not imposing too many restrictions on software

and application installations.

Richard Clarke, ex-cyber security advisor, White House once said, If you

spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. Whats more, you

deserve to be hacked. Lets analyze this: How much spending does an IT decision

maker do in your organization when it comes to investing in solutions for

information security and data confidentiality? Well, the numbers could be

staggering high, but the fact is that the IT decision makers over a period of

time have realized the importance of a much wanted consolidated solution that

could address their overall concerns and grievances regarding data security.

The technology landscape will grow to become more and more complex.

Organizations need to look for an integrated IT environment which would be less

time consuming and more cost effective. Organizations need to have innovative

security systems for optimum and easy management and seamless integration.

Hopefully, the decision of IT spending on security would be wiser and more

effective in the days to come. Current IT environment might be reasonably well

secured, but is there a business ready security solution that would be able to

provide an end-to-end protection apart from the cost benefit? Any security

vendor to address this issue

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