Flock releases its new update- Flock 2.0

New Update

Flock, the communication and collaboration app has released Flock 2.0. Stepping up its commitment to be a powerful team communication app, Flock 2.0 introduces major modifications to its core design and features.


The biggest change it brings is the introduction of Teams on Flock. Users are no longer bounded by their company domain to use Flock. Any user can create and join multiple Teams on Flock using company or free domain email. Teams can be created for the entire organization, an external community or even a project. Every Team gets its personalised Team URL, which makes it easy for users to invite, discover and join the Team. To keep conversations more focused, users can also create distinct groups within a Team.

Flock 2.0 also brings “apps” front and center, with the brand new Side panel and the App Launcher bar. Flock provides apps deeper integration capabilities and makes it easier for users to interact with external apps. Flock Apps like the To-do app and Poll app use these deep integration points to create seamless intuitive experiences for end users. Flock app store features 28 apps currently being used by thousands of users globally.

Bhavin Turakhia, Founder and CEO of Flock, said, “We realize that there is a vast ecosystem of teams and communities outside typical organizations, and Flock stands relevant for them. With Flock 2.0, we have truly put team communication at the centre of its offering – a Team can be at an organizational level, department specific or even an interest based external community. We are really excited about this update, as now we have made Flock’s powerful features and apps available to a wide range of users.”


Flock is the only communication app that can be seamlessly used by a team or an entire organization. Flock has extended powerful admin capabilities to help manage teams and security better. Users can enable automatic team membership for their organization wide team, or chose to keep it invite-only. Large organizations can choose to block external contacts, ensuring no-one belonging to a domain other than the company’s can join the Team. Moreover, team admins can restrict file sharing and invite permissions for other members.

This update also brings a brand new, slick and intuitive interface to both mobile and desktop clients, featuring a dedicated panel for teams and apps. Teams’ Panel makes it easy for users to create, access and switch between multiple Teams. Users can access their frequently used apps from the dedicated Apps Launcher Bar.

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